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After a Private Equity firm purchases a company, one of the first major decisions is whether or not to hire a new CEO

After a Private Equity firm purchases a company, one of the first major decisions is whether or not to hire a new CEO. The role of an interim CEO can be challenging and mired with complexity. Although private equity portfolio company CEOs and other CEOs share several of the same roles, a private equity portfolio CEO is […]

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The leadership gap is making Interim Experts a first choice for middle market private equity.

From the pandemic to the Great Resignation and remote working, to economic and geopolitical uncertainty, the issues that have beset organizations in recent times are going nowhere in 2023. Yet, as we head into Q2, none should be manufacturers’ top priority. Instead, they must focus on addressing a talent challenge unlike anything we’ve seen in […]

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Adaptability: What Businesses Need to Succeed in 2023

2023 is the year of adaptability, to what seems like a never-ending supply of evolving trends. Some trends are fairly recent: near-shoring, re-shoring, quiet-quitting, hiring and promoting, the impending recession, etc.; while others have been around for a while: the increase in automation and digitization, ever-evolving consumer habits, heightened security threats, and greater focus on […]

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Developing Value Creation Playbooks for your Portfolio Companies

How does private equity create value? Private equity firms create value in three distinct ways: multiple expansion, leverage, and operational improvements. Understanding Value Creation is paramount during Due Diligence and especially when preparing your Exit Strategy. Value is defined by customers, investors, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. Value itself, as well as priorities for value creation, […]

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