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Is your bottom line feeling “marginalized” from compression and leakage?

Manufacturers in the Food and Beverage industry are experiencing both margin compression and leakage challenges presented by the ongoing energy crisis and the unique costs associated. Margin compressions (procurement costs or fixed and variable manufacturing costs) driven by: Margin leakage resulting from increasing: The fight against margin compression and leakage becomes paramount…, The key areas […]

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Developing winning Strategies: “Play to Win, not just to Compete!”

The C-Suite has the responsibility to create, develop, and implement winning strategies that an entire organization can align with and execute with ruthless vigor and conviction.  When properly done, these processes and powerful strategies can lead to global dominance in the industry. So, why do some companies succeed spectacularly where so many others fail? They […]

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7 of the Biggest Digital Transformation Challenges your organization may have to overcome.

1. Siloed decision-making  Organizational silos negatively impact digital transformation. They pose obstacles in almost every aspect of transformation, from strategy building to implementation.   Silos lead to disconnected decision-making as each team or department focuses on solving its own problems and achieving its own goals. The problem is compounded by a lack of unified vision that propels […]

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Understanding Operational Excellence And The Continuous Optimization Of IT Operational Efficiency

In today's highly competitive marketplace, organizations need to have the ability to execute effective business strategies consistently and achieve long-term sustainable growth; otherwise, they'll fall behind the competition. Operational efficiency refers to the capability of an organization to consistently deliver high-quality products and services with a culture of leadership and empowered employees while having a […]

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What are the five pillars of maintenance and reliability?

A well-maintained facility will help improve equipment reliability, reducing the risk of accidents and improving productivity. Therefore, proactive maintenance is an essential part of an ongoing program. It helps ensure that all equipment is working correctly and that safety systems are functioning as they should. The five pillars of maintenance and reliability assist facility managers create […]

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Executive Recruiting for Your Portfolio Company

In the realm of private equity, the success of a portfolio company can be a game changer, often determining the performance of an entire investment cycle. It's no secret that the key to unlocking this success lies in the hands of a stellar executive team. While the products, market positioning, and strategy are foundational, it's […]

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Due Diligence Playbook for your Business

In the ever-competitive landscape of mergers, acquisitions, and investments, due diligence stands as the sentinel, ensuring that decisions are informed, risks are managed, and opportunities are maximized. Conducting thorough due diligence isn’t just a procedural necessity – it's an art, a discipline, and a science rolled into one. For businesses seeking to scale, be acquired, […]

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Manufacturing Excellence Today in the US

Manufacturing, often dubbed as the backbone of the American economy, continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Today's manufacturing sector is a symphony of advanced technologies, optimized processes, and skilled workforce, all converging to drive excellence and global competitiveness. But what constitutes manufacturing excellence in the contemporary US landscape? Let's delve in. 1. Embracing Industry […]

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Interim Executives Take Center Stage in Private Equity

In the dynamic world of private equity (PE), the right leadership at the helm can make or break an investment. Historically, private equity firms relied on their internal teams or long-term C-suite executives to guide their portfolio companies. But as the market landscape has evolved, there's a rising star in the PE arena: the interim […]

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10 Essential Plant Manager Skills to Ensure Success

Looking for your next super star Plant Manager? Anybody with a management background can be a plant manager, but in order to hire a stellar candidate that will lead your operations to success, you need to watch for a specific mix of hard and soft skills. These 10 attributes should be part of your hiring […]

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