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The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is one of the most complex and challenging industrial sectors in the world. Producing aircraft and spacecraft that are safe, reliable, and affordable is a daunting task. In order to meet this challenge, aerospace manufacturers must continuously improve their productivity and efficiency. At the heart of this effort is end-to-end continuous improvement.

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From process management and improvement training for your team all the way through to connectivity, AI tools, and automation technologies, Value Driven Solutions provides your aerospace company with Everything OpEx®. Enhance the services and solutions you need to achieve your end-to-end continuous improvement goals. We can help you optimize every aspect of your business, from engineering and design to manufacturing and assembly. Take your aerospace productivity to new heights.

With your products flying tens of thousands of feet in the sky, you are expected to be leveraging all of the latest technology and best practices with safety and quality as a top priority. Next-generation operations increase productivity and value maintaining a competitive edge for your business without sacrificing quality and performance.

You know your niche in the aerospace business better than anyone else. That is why our comprehensive pre-work knowledge transfer approach ensures VDS Experts have a thorough understanding of how to optimize processes and value streams to achieve sustainable world class performance.

If you are looking to improve your aerospace company's procurement performance, contact VDS today. We can help you achieve end-to-end efficiency and optimize your value and costs.


Diagnostic assessments, process mapping, value stream analysis, and other benchmark tools help your organization reach its full operational potential with enhanced productivity.


End-to-end continuous improvement efforts are essential to aerospace productivity. Implement a comprehensive strategy for long-lasting and noticeable improved results. VDS provides customized, role-based training for all levels of your organization. From process management and improvement training to leadership development programs to drive change across your organization.


Up-to-date data management, IT services, and digital interactivity are critical in aerospace to reducing cycle time, cost, and waste. Ongoing education and training Programs for all levels of your organization focused on process management and improvement tools ensure everyone is aligned and motivated to achieve results.


Technological, process, and cultural change is vital to the long term success of any end-to-end transformative solution. Our programs are rooted in operational excellence practices that deliver the greatest impact for achieving your company's goals and vision while maintaining exceptional quality.

A World-Class Performance Cycle 

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The Value Driven Solutions eight-step customer-centric approach to end-to-end continuous improvement is designed to assist your business in reaching its full operational potential through the implementation of tailored problem-solving strategies in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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