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A clear connection exists between human capital management and superior operational and financial performance. And when you have good people and a culture of excellence, you create a powerful competitive advantage few peers can touch. We empower your organization to become a world-class employer, putting your company’s future in the hands of unbeatable operations and supply chain interim executives and experts.

A Vast, Specialized Network

We have 7000+ operational excellence professionals in 22 countries specializing in dozens of industries and capable of filling hundreds of different positions.

All of our operational experts meet these important requirements:

  • Minimum 10-15 years experience
  • True player / coaches
  • Fully vetted and certified through our 360° Client Alignment®
  • Former operators and C-suite
  • P&L Experience of businesses with +$100 million in revenue
  • Expert problem solver
  • Certified in the Value Driven Approach®
  • Catalyst of adaptability
  • Grass roots, roll-up-your-sleeves, get it done experts
Not only is our talent fully vetted, but we provide support throughout the project. We don’t just send you someone and walk away. We are there with you every step of the way to ensure stellar performance, excellent results and accountability from start to finish.

From small companies to global organizations. From 1-2 day projects to massive mission critical objectives, we have the operational excellence professionals to fit your goals and objectives.

We have access to the top 1% of OpEx talent in the world.
VDS services the entire planet

Top-Tier Talent with the Skills You Require

Finding the right talent for your specific industry can make a huge difference in the success of your programs. The correct talent with the right expertise makes on boarding, and project roll-outs so much more effective.

  • Interim CEO / Business Unit Director
  • Interim CFO / Controller
  • Operating Partner
  • Financial Advisor
  • Board Member
  • Interim M&A Director - due diligence and integration support
  • Interim OpEx/LSS Program Director
  • Supply Chain Performance Transformation Director
  • Supply Chain VP - specific industry
  • ERP & High-Level IT Program Directors; Special Projects in IT
  • Engineering Program Management & Special Projects – Technical
  • Directors – Advanced quality management, process control systems – IOS/TS/VDA/Baldridge
  • Interim Director – New Product / Service Development & Deployment
  • Logistics; 3 / 4 PL Improvement & Deployment
  • Master LSS BlackBelt - specific industry expertise
  • Top & Mid-level ‘Arms & Legs’ in all OpEx disciplines
  • plus more…

Interim Talent

1. Speed

VDS understands that time is of the essence. We quickly place the right talent where you need it to get the right results fast.

2. Experience

VDS has seasoned OpEx professionals in every industry. All our Experts have 15+ years of experience,  are vetted through our 360-Client Alignment® and trained in the Value Driven Approach® and come from our inner circle.

3. Performance

We are not a staffing company. We are a specialized operations firm that guarantees our Experts get 10X ROI.

5-Facets of Talent Alignment

Operational Excellence

Every single VDS expert is highly skilled in the ins and out of operational excellence. They need to have the skills, core values, and other vital characteristics of an operational excellence professional to make the cut.

Skill Alignment

Your specific needs are met based on the VDS 360 degree checklist and our talent’s level of competency.

Only a person with the ideal credentials and certifications will be recommended to fill your positions.

Location, Price, Timing

With a vast and ever-growing pool of highly skilled operational excellence professionals in over 22 countries, we are sure to find the right person at the right price in the right place for you.

Your timing, deadlines, priorities, and urgencies all come into play when selecting the right person for the job.


Our experts not only know operational excellence, but they also have specific knowledge of your industry.


We want to support and enhance your company with experts that are aligned with your ideal leadership culture.

Free Evaluation Consultation

Expand the End-to-End Operational Excellence at your organization. Contact us for more information on our consulting, interim talent, and training programs.
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