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Improve and maximize the quality and flow of value to your customers. With our easy to implement tools and processes you can improve the way your employees do their jobs every day. Our world-class system is customer-focused, process-oriented and data-driven for value creation.
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Achieve Operational Excellence

The value and productivity of your staff, systems, and processes from the office doors to the shop floors all benefit from optimized and improved operations.

The VDS Business System® is a comprehensive, holistic program for continuous improvement of your safety, quality, delivery and costs.  Using the Value Driven Approach® in a rinse-and-repeat manner across your entire organization we can identify and recapture tens of millions of dollars being lost on an annual basis to inefficient or impractical operations and processes. 

Your success will come from operationalizing process-improvement through a blended approach of training, coaching, and implementation. The System is implemented over the course of 90-120 days using our unique 5-step method. Our iterative process analyses and optimizes each activity cell one at a time until we've walked through all of your operational processes.


The VDS Business System was implemented at a fortune 500 manufacturing company in the Northeast. At the end of the year, they experienced an $18.3 million improvement in their systems and operations.
Demands for lower operational risk, lower operating costs and increased revenues necessitate not only improving business and operational processes but also developing the right CULTURE to sustain improvements
With hundreds of companies benefiting from millions of dollars in found savings, VDS Consulting Group has the COMPETENCY to get you where you need to be with results you can see in weeks, not months or years.
Decades of experience fine tuning our processes and products, led us to create the TOOLS you need to reach your goals in the areas you want to focus on.
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