An Innovative Approach to Operational Excellence

We are committed to changing the way the world does business. Our Operational Excellence Consulting is designed to generate results in days and weeks instead of months and quarters using our Value Driven Approach®

World Class Performance

At Value Driven Solutions, the Continuous Improvement of your organizations is our top priority. By aligning your business goals with your process metrics we can increase quality, customer satisfaction, and market growth while decreasing your lead-time, inventory, and total product cost. The end result is a greater value to your stakeholders.
The VDS approach gives you a true baseline from which to grow, helps you identify opportunities for improvement of critical processes, and delivers a comprehensive roadmap to world class performance.

Enhance your strategy, deployment, execution and monitoring processes with a broad range of customer-centric services within our platform. We identify hidden opportunities which can open the door for new markets and position your company as an industry leader.

Regardless of your industry, we can move the needle forward for you using our Five Steps to Success. By identifying and evaluating areas for improvement and ensuring that best-practices are replicated across the entire company you can see tangible results and hard savings.
At VDS we understand that your culture is the foundation for change in your business and OpEx journey. We nurture and educate your team with the right tool set for your industry and your business model to tackle tough problems

George Bowman

President & CEO

Value Driven Approach®

1. Diagnostic®

Establish baseline metrics and complete a diagnostic of current performance, capability and entitlements.

2. Proposal

Determine improvement opportunities as Quick Wins, Rapid Improvements, and Breakthroughs along with resources & timeline.

3. Roadmap

Develop a prioritized improvement plan based on immediate and long-term business performance objectives.

4. Talent

VDS’s comprehensive approach to leadership excellence addresses your immediate talent needs and long-term goals, helping you quickly establish sustainable leadership capability that drives value for your business.

5. Outcomes

Committed delivery of roadmap plan with measurable and traceable business performance results.

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