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Is your bottom line craving training courses, online training workshops, or interactive simulations to help succeed in the implementation of continuous improvement strategies with focus on a decreasing external presence? Our training courses, workshops, and interactive simulations help you succeed in the implementation of the Operational Excellence methodology with focus on your unique culture and challenges. 

Training Seminars

1. Culture

VDS understands that your culture is as unique as your business. We create tailor made training solutions for your business and your culture.

2. Competency

VDS creates a structured learning environment for your organization. We have material and training programs for all levels and types of OpEx professionals. Lean - Associate, Practitioner, and Masters. Six Sigma / Quality- Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt. Executive Level - For Enterprise Level Transformation and Strategic Planning.

3. Tools

VDS has the best training in the biz. From beginner, intermediate, master level and train the trainer VDS has you covered.
At VDS we understand that your culture is the foundation for change in your business and OpEx journey. We nurture and educate your team with the right tool set for your industry and your business model to tackle tough problems

George Bowman

President & CEO

The World Class Organization

5-Day Workshop
Operational excellence is a comprehensive approach to eliminating all forms of waste and defects from your business in order to maximize the value to customers and shareholders. Typically, organizations that apply OpEx principles enjoy higher profits, improved quality, higher on-time delivery (OTD), shorter turnaround times, increased customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and market share.

This course will teach your participants effective training on how to initiate and sustain a strategy in your business. All the materials and activities in this workshop are designed to help you transform your organization into a world class enterprise. VDS has courses specifically for all Industries, i.e. Manufacturing, Aftermarket, Insurance, Services, Retail, Oil & Gas, Pharma, Life Sciences, Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Field Service, Chemicals, Health Care, etc.

Cellular Design for OEM, Office, and MRO

5-Day Workshop
Redesigning work spaces based on part families and work content in order to meet Takt time requirements. Learn the critical roll of equipment and personnel location, and material and tool presentation in workplace efficiency and flexibility. Learn to maximize floor space utilization.

Root Cause Analysis and Mistake Proofing

3-Day Workshop
A three step approach to effectively identify the root cause of problems and eliminate it to prevent reoccurrence. Learn to design error prevention into the process or product to achieve zero defects.

Value Stream Process Management

4-Day Workshop
More than just mapping. Using VDS' data-based approach, participants will learn to define and choose the right product family to improve. Learn to see the complete process flow and quickly identify sources of waste. Available for manufacturing, MRO, and office (service) environments.

Shop Floor Management

3-Day Workshop
Learn who to utilize Leadership Standard Work, GEMBA (go to where the work happens), Reflection Meetings (how to take action and resolve problems as they arise with data), Andon (a system to identify abnormalities with an escalation process), Accountability Process (how to assign ownership and responsibility at all levels), mentorship (grooming our workforce to learn and take higher roles of responsibility)

Train the Trainer

5-Day Workshop
Develop your own internal training and facilitation force to drive change and perpetuate the benefits of Lean in your organization. Further develop future and current leaders of your organization through practical Lean implementation experience.

Business Process Kaizen (BPK)

5-Day Workshop
Business process kaizen is a systematic methodology developed to help an organization make significant advances in the way its business process operate. It attacks the heart of office/administrative problems by focusing on eliminating waste and bureaucracy. It provides a system that will aid an organization in simplifying and streamlining its operations, while ensuring that both internal and external customers receive surprisingly good output.

Ineffective business processes are costly. Between 40% to 70% of the administrative (business process) efforts adds no value. Eliminating business process errors and office bureaucracy through business process kaizen methodology can cut overhead costs by as much as 50%, make an organization a leader in its field, and greatly improve its customers’ perceptions of the organization.

Introduction to Lean Transformations

1-Day Workshop
Understanding our fundamental concepts of value, waste, and flow. Learn to determine Takt Time and implement Pull systems. Become familiar with the origin of Lean Thinking. Learn to identify the 8 wastes and how to eliminate them.

Hoshin Kanri – Policy Deployment

3-Day Workshop
The discipline of Hoshin Kanri is intended to help an organization focus on a shared goal, communicate that goal to all leaders, involve all leaders in planning to achieve the goal, and hold participants accountable for achieving their part of the plan. Knowledge and/ or skills attendees will gain:
  • Utilizing Hoshin Kanri as a strategic planning tool to revisit and realign your company’s Vision, Mission and Core Values
  • Revisit and redefine your current strategic plan through the utilization of Hoshin-Kanri tools
  • How Lean Leadership Behaviors impact the cultural success of Hoshin Kanri
  • Establishing high-level organizational roles and responsibilities to successfully deploy your strategic plan (Policy Deployment)
  • Utilizing Hoshin planning tools to review current business activities and business environment
  • Validating and creating key measures for tracking performance against Hoshin Kanri Strategic Plan

Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM) 

1-Day Workshop
Learn to reduce costs and increase overall equipment effectiveness by combining preventive and predictive maintenance with increased operator responsibility. Learn to design a comprehensive maintenance system for the life cycle of your equipment. Become familiar with the 6 Big Losses and the TPM activities to eliminate them.

6S for Flow

1-Day Workshop
Create positive customer impressions, increase employee morale, safety, and efficiency through workplace organization. Learn to design and implement a self-sustaining 6S program that can be the foundation for World Class performance.

Conducting Market Feedback Analysis

2-day Workshop
Learn to "really" listen to the voice of the customer (VOC), both internal and external. Achieve a better understanding of their requirements and expectations. Learn how to use this information to guide your Lean initiatives and incorporate it in your strategy. 

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