Optimize Supply Chain & Operations

Supply chain costs represent over half of gross revenue for most mid to large-market manufacturing and distribution companies. VDS specializes in identifying hidden sources of value in a variety of supply chain operations. Our team of seasoned supply chain experts identify, prioritize and implement the solutions necessary to achieve significant bottom-line results, resulting in substantial cost and performance benefits.

Achieve Organizational Excellence

Using a fact-based, analytical approach, the experts at Value Driven Solutions can help you save millions of dollars in supply chain costs while dramatically improving customer responsiveness and driving competitive advantage. Shipping delays, transportation costs, and material spend are the foundational areas that we can improve and find savings through superior, proven sourcing and procurement methods.

In addition to our countless successful engagements with manufacturing clients, we also work with private equity firms to confirm the value of potential acquisitions and improve the performance of their existing portfolio companies.

Our proven process is thoughtfully planned and systematically implemented for maximum benefit. 

Demand Planning

Increase product availability and improve profitability by meeting customer demand for products while minimizing excess inventory and avoiding supply chain disruptions.

Supply Planning

Balance your distribution, manufacturing, and procurement operations to meet demand forecasts while taking into account capacity restraints and material availability.

Production Planning

Make your processes as efficient as possible. Effectively allocate your resources for each stage of production through an operational, tactical, and strategic program.  

Continuous Improvement

Identify opportunities for work process enhancements and reduce waste by maximizing incremental breakthrough improvements to create ongoing improvement.
Our Supply Chain Optimization process is effectively implemented to create results which are visible in the short-term and  continue  in perpetuity.

With custom-tailored engagements we ensure our clients' success time and time again. VDS Experts use financial and operational analysis to identify, quantify, and sequence opportunities for improvement across all aspects of your organization including Sales, Inventory, and Operations.

Performance Improvement

You are good at what you do, but you're about to get better. In addition to analysis and planning, we can put the boots on the ground you need to make it all come together successfully. Data-driven VDS Experts will map relevant current-state processes, benchmark against best practices in your industry and help your leadership teams follow through with all the actionable improvements required to elevate your operations to a higher level of achievement.

You have the power to grow, scale and improve your company through operational changes with VDS working on-site with you to help make change happen efficiently and effectively.. 

We Have You Covered

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Logistics & Transportation Optimization
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Manufacturing Productivity
Asset Optimization & Maintenance
Product Development & Product Lifecycle Management
Supply Chain Optimization by the Experts at Value Driven Solutions will allow you to discover previously unseen savings.  Our vast industry knowledge and the proper use of proprietary and standard  tools through a tailored approach will unlock your potential for additional growth.
Supply Chain & Operations Optimization
Let us know your challenges and we'll create a custom-tailored solution to get you headed down the path towards more success with Everything OpEx®