Specialty Chemicals: A Formula for Success

Improve your Specialty Chemical business with Everything OpEx® solutions designed specifically for you. We know what it takes to improve, enhance, and optimize businesses in this industry. We can help you achieve your goals, streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. With VDS, you'll also have access to the latest industry trends and insights, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Expertise Mixed with Proven Processes

Success in the Specialty Chemicals market relies on your mastering complex products, intricate processes and hazardous reagents all requiring significant research and development costs. Specialty Chemicals—which are often hazardous to produce—can result in large volumes of waste and pollution. Value Driven Solutions's team of experts can help you more successfully navigate industry pitfalls and overcome your unique challenges. The proper implementation of our Value Driven Approach® will result in a number of benefits, including reduced R&D costs, improved process efficiency, and reduced environmental impact. As the specialty chemicals market continues to evolve, so do we.  VDS stays on top of best practices and emerging trends that are shaping the industry to provide chemical producers with complete end-to-end lifecycle support for improved safety, quality, compliance, and performance.

Value Driven Solutions harnesses the power of data and analytics, so specialty chemicals manufacturers can gain a deeper understanding of their processes and make more informed decisions about where to invest in improvement. Additionally, digital technologies can help specialty chemical companies automate their processes and reduce the need for manual labor, thus resulting in less human error. Finally, sustainable technologies can help specialty chemicals companies minimize waste and pollution, while also reducing their reliance on fossil fuels. As specialty chemicals companies continue to adopt these new technologies, they will be better positioned to meet the challenges of the future.

Knowledge Transfer

You know the formula for a successful product in the specialty chemical business better than anyone else. VDS knows the formula for end-to-end operational excellence and continuous improvement. Our comprehensive pre-work knowledge transfer approach ensures VDS Experts have a thorough understanding of how to optimize processes and value streams to achieve sustainable world-class performance.

Areas for Improvement

To achieve sustainable operational excellence and minimized lifecycle costs, we look at optimizing and improving all aspects of your business including:

  • Personnel from the shop floor to the office door
  • Production processes and quality assurance
  • Maintenance and inspection costs and schedules
  • Plant overhead, availability, and safety
  • Taxes, insurance, depreciation, and working capital
  • Administration, selling, and research costs

If you are looking to improve your specialty chemical company's performance, contact VDS today. We can solve tough problems FAST and provide the talent and expertise needed to help you achieve end-to-end efficiency and optimize your value and costs.

Elements for Successful Implementation

Value Driven Solutions for Specialty Chemicals uses the Value Driven Approach® with Everything OpEx® to meet your specific needs. At the heart of our unique approach is Deming's 4-step PDCA model for operational excellence. Our ultimate goal for you is to reliably produce great quality at low cost while complying with all regulatory requirements. We don't just stop at performance, but rather place an emphasis on reliability and the ability to achieve optimal results consistently over time.


We design a process and determine how it should be executed to achieve optimal performance.


Flawless execution of the perfect plan results in optimal performance. Typically, each iteration is one step closer to desired performance.


Compare actual with desired performance, and determine the best actions required to close the performance gap.


Act on the results of the Key Performance Indicators. Make changes and improvements to the appropriate processes.
“Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”
– Vince Lombardi

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