Strategically Increase Performance & Value

We are a trusted advisor to the private equity industry. We support our clients across the total investment life cycle from Deal Generation, Due Diligence, Portfolio Management to Value Creation and Exit Strategy.

Achieve Organizational Excellence

As a Private Equity company, your business objectives revolve around making a profit from the companies that you buy. VDS Solutions can provide the talent and expertise you need to analyze your companies as well as establish a proven process and procedure to increase profitability.

Our expertise can help you with the following: 

Annual Plan Recovery

Stabilization of fiscal business performance to meet your annual operating plan objectives by eliminating operational waste and simplifying other non-value added activities.

Strategic Performance Turnaround

Reverse downward trend by stabilizing business performance and deploying improved processes and policies with effective problem solving and performance management.

Business and Digital Transformation

Enter new markets, develop new products, provide new services and acquire new customers or add new capabilities internally using Strategy Deployment and Program Management.

Grow Customer Connections

Enhance the relationships with your customers and suppliers and internally focus on products with 80/20 simplification for focused growth.
We are the leading consulting partner to the private equity industry and its key stakeholders, with a global practice we bring the right talent to the table to get the results you desire. Our network of more than 500 experienced professionals serves private equity and institutional investor clients across the investment life cycle, from deal generation and due diligence to portfolio value creation and exit planning.

Proven Track Record

A consistent track record of past performance excellence maintaining and/or improving KPIs and reaching or exceeding strategic goals.

Strategically Focused

Must be on-board and aligned with your strategic direction as the Private Equity firm and capable of acting immediately and effectively to put plans in motion.

Team Motivator

Respected by employees and able to develop key team members and lead them in the right direction towards long-term objectives by implementing short-term goals.

Master of Communication

Quickly and effectively articulates clear and concise facts and is comfortable interacting daily with the Private Equity partners and leadership. 
We are trusted advisors for our clients. VDS provides a broad spectrum of services to support Private Equity, Investors and Portfolio Companies.
After we evaluate the organization and the leadership, we move on to Leadership Training and Education using the principles of our Enterprise Operating System. This phase will enhance and optimize the organization's talent, leadership, and learning systems.
  • Upgrade talent through training or recruiting new personnel
  • Improve the leadership team's interaction dynamic by creating a cultural shift
  • Sustain the workforce's journey towards excellence through hands on project learning

Core Competencies

Sales & Commercial Operations 

Sales Management Process
Strategic Price Management 
Customer Relationship Management Demand Forecasting
Market Intelligence
Product Management

Product Development Launch

New Technology Introduction
Program Management & Launch System
Design Reviews
Product Design Standards
Design to Cost Targets

Manufacturing Operations

Safe Workplace
Environmental Management
Continuous Improvement
Total Quality Management
High Performance Teams
Visual Management
Design for Manufacturing
Material Control
Total Preventive Maintenance

Integrated Supply Chain

Network Design & Optimization
Cost Modeling
Best Business Practice Analytics
Sales and Operations Planning
Commodity Strategies
Supply Partner Management
 Logistics & Trade Compliance

Global Finance

Forecasting & Planning
Cost Methods
Capital Appropriation
 Treasury Management
 Internal Audit
Margin Analytics

Continuous Improvement Methods

Change Acceleration
Lean Thinking
Problem Solving Methodologies
 Data Driven Decisions

Global Human Resources

Employee Capability Planning
Position Management
Talent Acquisition
Employee Engagement
Performance Management
Leadership Development

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