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360 Client Alignment

Find the perfect candidate in our network of thousands of vetted End-to-End Supply Chain and Operations Experts. Using our unique 360º Client Alignment® process, we can identify and deploy boots on the ground within days.

Our experts are fully vetted, we are not a temporary worker placement agency. Our experts are the top 10% of OpExtalent, with minimum 10 to 15 years of experience in the specific area that satisfies your business needs. Value Driven Solutions stands with our experts. We provide continuous support throughout the placement period to ensure the success of your organization. Our process delivers a talent alignment framework to perfectly match the right expertise with our clients’ business need by ensuring we cover the following areas:


  • Operational Excellence
  • Skill Alignnment
  • Location, Price, Timing
  • Industry
  • Culture

Free Evaluation Consultation

Expand the End-to-End Operational Excellence at your organization. Contact us for more information on our consulting, interim talent, and training programs.